13 luglio, 2014


Maureen Tobe Nwakuya

ADRIANO DECARLI and his local Organising Committee have done a wonderful job in
providing a social and scientificlly inviting programme  at an outstanding venue
 The palazzo dei Congressi provides excllent spaces for formal meetings.scientific sessions and informal conversations networking activities that are an essential part of every IBC 

          The 27th of the International Biometric conference organized by the Italian Region of the International Biometric Society has taken place in Florence between July6-11. Participants from various countries around the world had presentations during these few days.
 for future

 28th of the conference will take place in Victoria, Canada in 2016.

           The 8th conference of the Eastern Mediterranean Region International Biometric Society will take place between 11-15 May, 2015 in Cappadocia, Turkey, which will be hosted by Çukurova University in Adana, Turkey. The society includes participants from countries, such as Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, but also participants from South Korea and United States are expected to participate to the meeting.
           The region

of Cappadocia

 extends from Nevşehir to Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray and Kayseri in southern Turkey. The region has been firstly formed as a soft layer form 60 million years ago by the ashes and the lava blown and spread out from Erciyes mountain and the mountains of Hasandağı and Güllüdağ and continuously has been transformed throughout millions of years by the natural works of rain and wind. The region is a place where nature and history merge together that also includes the fairy chimneys in the region formed by various geographical activities. During the process, the various peoples who lived in the region throughout history have built houses, churches and frescoes in the structures and brought traces of their civilizations till today. Cappadocia, which has been home to many different civilizations also has been an important trade-route having been placed among the most significant intersections of the Silk Road.
           Cappadocia can be reached via air-travel from Istanbul approximately in an hour. You can arrive either at Nevşehir or Kayseri airport and easily transport to Cappadocia from there. for this  j give thanks to
Özge Burgut (PhD Student- Department of Anthropology at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, TURKEY)

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