05 aprile, 2015




Pink tones are colors of hope in May, representing our present hope for the future. POLIMODA Firenze May 13th – 15th attract people from all over the world. STUDENT DESIGNERS, ECONOMISTS HISTORY teachers, researchers, professors, journalists all come to SHARE opinions, but above all ideas. Places so wonderfully unique for cultural and socially attractive stories. Church performance in the Santa Croce church has a story embroiled in austera architethres, The wonderful light of vetrate lighted by sun day IN different TIME and WEATHER ZONES acts with voices and movements. Sound instruments embody SANTA Croce Church chapels. Underground places reveal a contemporary life without losing the strength of their story. The way of dressing combined with painting and tombs with colorful ancient windows act as an elaborate performance also involving the leonardo vitruvian man story.


In Odeon cinema, subtitles on the screen represent opinions about fashion. However it is not only words on the screen projected but also speeches and dialogue invoking thoughts but above all feelings. The second primitive necessity after eating is the necessity to dress to protect and defend the body from hot and cold. We also dress to present our body shape and to communicate who we are.


You and I, US together, we are small but part of the immensity of our nature and immensity all around us is the universal symphony. When we feel well inside we are fine with us and others all around us. Much more than dressing alone is us dressing together in a social cultural emotive orchestra. Dressing as ourselves we feel desire and aspiration, desire of sharing.


Bibiblioteca nazionale workshops act with students creating a new combination of dressing ideas. Concepts of time and space and of color, improve upon Galileos room in a circle, drawing in emulsion of our feelings. Build new paths towards discovering inside yourself ways to communicate inside your soul. No matter where in the world we are; Japanese, Indian, European, American, Australian we are an infinite miracle of life, together in space and time.


Strozzi and Villaies is a social event in palazzo and the site of the POLIMODA FIRENZE architectural art. Fashion is the second necessity of primitive man after eating so we return to the sense to breathe. When in a fango mud mask, God gives the breath of life. Wonderful days at POLIMODA, a circle together in Florence; Santa Croce’s pantheon of illuminated men: Dante, Galileo, Michelangelo’s tomb are there. Visit the Odeon Cinema, National library and Palazzo Strozzi. Join us together at the Villa Favard.

  MOMENTING THE MEMENTO  5 great days  for knowing and debat about RESEARCH AND NETWORKING PROJECT ON FASHION CULTURE   pink tones of hope are colouring  in may our present  hoping  for the future POLIMODA Firenze from 13 until 15 may attracted  people all over the world STUDENT DESIGNERS ECONOMIST STORIC  teacHers researcher  professori jiurnalists  to SHARE  opinions but above all ideas. pleaces so wonderful unique  for story  for ultural social attactive  
 in Santa Croce church performace Santa Croce in
 in act because its story the embroied and austera architethres the wonderful light i of vetrate ligheted by sun day IN  different TIME-WEATHER  are acting with voices and movements  sound instrumentts bodies SANTA Croce Churh  chapels  underground placeses rives a  contemporay live without lousing the strenght of its story. Way of dressing combineting with painting and tombs with colourful windows ancient  present realeborate  by performanc so involved  leonardo vitruvian man  stroy  and even tombs not still act .
I n Odeon cinema words  on the screen in a story representation of  opinions about fashion but not only words on the screen proiected also spaeches dialogues  for thinking but above all to feel to feel the  the second necessuty after eating of primitive man is the necessity to dress to dress to protect  to let the body defence from hot and cold .. to present our body shape and to comunicate who we are
j -yuo . US together  us little but part of immensity  immensity of our nature and immensity of all around us universo in a sinphony and when we feel well inside we are fine with us others all around us
 dressing something much more the j  than you is us together in a social cultural emotive orchestra dressing what we are we fell desire aspiration desire of sharing .
At Bibiblioteca nazionale  work shops act  act with student creating a new  combination dressing ideaS of time and space  of colOur and proving to go on  in galileo room in a cicle drawng in a moleshin our felings to bilt  new paths towarda  discovering inside eoursef,l to comunicate inside our soul  when where the space and time are INFINITO infinito of miracle of our life  identy togeher japanise indian european american aus ralian  for a world network  that..
is social event in palazzo Strozzi and villa Favard the site of POLIMODA FIRENZE art garden architeture in act  for fashoin  fashion is the secon necessity of primitive men after fooding  so we return to the smeel tl to breath when in a mas of  fango mud GOD give the breatg of life
 so wonderful POLIMODA   in a cicle together wonderful days in Florence in
Santa Croce pantheon of illumineted men Dante, Galileo , Michelangelo s tumb are there
Odeon Cinema
National library
 Palazzo Strozzi  where are tho exhibitions   title ....
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