25 agosto, 2015

Il useo del MANLIO a FIRENZE


We'll discover how much chemistry is part of everyday life


The San Domenico di Cafaggio or "alle stalle" convent , ( in XV century known like MANGLIO CONVENT) was buit in XIII° century by a domenicano JACOPO di TALENTO da NIPOZZANO and defined " fabbrica grandiosa and magnifica".

TODAY, the paintings that we can admire, on ALTARE MAGGIORE is by scuola grottesca of AGNOLO Taddeo Gaddi and 13 " lunette". These Paintings are related to domenican life views, sketched by Vincenzo Menucci, Giovan Domenico Ferretti and Mauro Soderini are particularly precious paintings.

Also of original architecture many changes for via Salvestrina (1403) and for realizing, in XIV° century, Semplici and Don Luigi di Toledo's gardens, today’s San Clemente garden.

The beauty of chiostro Grande (1560- 1580) is the historical war memorial monument dedicated to all Italian doctors dead during the first mondial war.


In the convent lived domenicane nuns until 1808, after that the French government utilized it for indigo industry, and in 1838 the architect Giuseppe Martelli transformed it in to a military hospital. Further in 1862 become zona residenziale and in1866 was abolished.


Thanks to Saccardi law who Purchased the convent from "Ministero della guerra" and was used like lazzereto and caserma for "bersaglieri" until 1882, when became place of military application school. On 16 December 1882 king Umberto I° signed Regio decreto for the first ACCADEMIA MEDICA MILITARE ITALIANA (1° January 1883.). IN 1947 this institute was tranformed in to SCUOLA di SANITA' MILITARE, and in 1928 this scuola tranfered to Rome at CECCHIGNOLA caserma.


Today la caserma Redi (named Francesco Red, i a doctor lived 1626- 1698, about at beginning 1800) ospita il dipartimento militare di medicina legale of Firenze and in the part of buildings that opens on the Chiostro is located a Museum where we can admire an extraordinary collection of reports of SANITA' MILITARE.


These days, generally in this precious ancient building, take place many events, all organized with elegance, professionalism and ability in an atmosphere of dialogue that improve the research and communication for the constructive contribute to the humanity-progress!






During this CONGRESS many participants like professor, PhD students and young researchers have been participated form different Industries and universities in Italy like : Milano, Bologna, Pisa, Venezia, Napoli, Pavia, Genova, Torino, Flirenze..... etc. and important chair persons of organizations like Societa Chemica Italiana, groupo interdivisionale catalisi, green chemistry, GISAC, icd, and AIM.

All these participants have given oral presentations or they presented posters. This is good way of interchanging knowledge of chemistry about recent technologies, recent research work, current problems in chemical industries and their solutions.

The main focus of conference is on, to do Green chemistry that is to reduce pollution taking place from industries and to get food, drug, polymers, all thing needed for day today life, in more safe and environmental friendly way, by developing different catalyst and methods for synthesis of chemical compounds.

For the poster presentation section we congratulate to winner Suresh Udhavrao Shisodia form Politecnico di Milano, whose research group focus research on renewable energy sources like Bio-mass energy, Bio-diesel and valorization of its side products (glycerol) to high value chemicals like biodegradable polymers by using green methods, that is without using solvent and catalyst.


Suresh Udhavrao Shisodia ( Politecnico di Milano, Milano.)

This conference was very important and useful for all , because of this interpretation everyone come to know what is going on at present in Italy and in world, especially recent trends in chemistry, so they can share their ideas, views and collaborate with peoples and work more efficiently, This was good opportunity for young students and researchers, to learn from well experienced persons and to know which field of research is more important and rapidly growing, where to focus their attention, how to start new research and how to get funding from different sources like Industry, different organizations and universities.


aquila bologna

Participation in the XVIII National Congress of the Chemistry Division Industrial Italian Chemical Society “LE SFIDE DELLA CHIMICA INDUSTRIALE PER UN’INNOVAZIONE SOSTENIBILE” has given me the opportunity to meet new and innovative ideas and likeminded scientists, but same time establishing fruitful collaborations with other research groups. It was for my scientific growth of great encouragement. The opportunity to hear experts in the field from both academia and industry, and to compare with PhD colleagues, appears to be a time of personal and professional growth. I am grateful to the conference organizers for giving us the chance to meet and speak to so many people and gain information from scientists who are leaders in their field.



Dr. Akbota Zhenissova (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

Postdoc University of L’Aquila

L’opportunità di poter partecipare al XVIII Congresso Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Industriale della Società Chimica Italiana, LE SFIDE DELLA CHIMICA

INDUSTRIALE PER UN’INNOVAZIONE SOSTENIBILE, è stata per la mia crescita scientifica di grande stimolo. La possibilità di poter ascoltare esperti della materia provenienti sia dal mondo accademico che industriale, e potersi confrontare con i colleghi dottorandi, risulta essere un momento di crescita umana e professionale. La cornice di Firenze vissuta nell’anno del 150° anniversario dello Stato Italiano si è rivelata una scelta perfetta.



Dr. Alberto Zeffiro

Università degli Studi di Pavia

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