01 luglio, 2016



“Sentimental kills” 

The them of the competition is KNITt(in)gTIME ,24HOURS of pure creativity,enhanced by impressive variations of red hues,blurred with smoky gray tones.By reference to the idea of free spirit, I try to express the emotional variety of human by using voluminous colors and shapes. I put trend and street style in the silhouette and use different colors and textures to express my them for these two garments - the emotions we have 24hours everyday.I find inspiration from everything that is going on in my life. Literature, art, street, movie and music, inspires me to develop and produce both the fabric and the garment design. People are creatures full of emotions, happiness, sadness, anxious and anger, designed to make us want to explore the world and build relationships with other people, emotions affect people’s creativity, and that is the most important element of this creation process.I discover the adaptability and versatility of combining tape yarn-Sprint, super kid mohair-Noir and polyester yarns which are sponsoring by OLIVO FILATI.
The yarns  are so special and beautiful so I decided to ues them the way they were and try not using other yarns. Finding each pattern that can show the best of the yarns was very fun and I had a great time.
The most challenging part is to use all 15 different kinds of yarns and keep the balance of the two garments and not to over design. 
Since I have only 1kg of each yarn I have to use them very carefully so I won't run out of them.
This was a very special experiment for me to see other fashion schools work form all over the world, and letting people see my work and hear opinions from them directly.

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