14 ottobre, 2016

Carmelina tridimensionale thanks to Dorian e Robin

Hi Carmelina,
As you requested, here is a small commentary for your video image. Feel free to edit as you feel necessary.
The video you are viewing was taken with a 3D stereo-vision camera called the LifeViz Mini which takes two pictures simultaneously at slightly different angles on a single digital image. It works somewhat like your vision where one eye fixes an object in one angle and the second eye fixes with a second angle. Similarly, the camera acts like your eyes and the image is then transferred to a computer program which reconstructs
the 2D 'stereo-image' into a 3D one just like your brain. The applications are many including visualization, simulation and even volume calculations for applications in wound evaluations, dermatology and aesthetic facial changes.
I hope that was what you wanted.
Stay well,
Robin Dorian

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Dorian Kaiber ha detto...

You look amazing in 3D Carmelina ! Thanks again for everything, we were very fortunate to meet you in Florence! I hope to see you again :)