03 aprile, 2017


 Hello Carmelina  & Giancarlo,I Hope all is well. As I mentioned before I
travel a lot for work and that causes my delay in responding to emails. I am
so happy Carmelina to see your emails of all the great events you are
having. I look forward to the day I can come and visit with you and attend

                                           Today is Vanna's birthday
 so I made a card for you as I always do and wanted to share it with you both.

Today is also " World Party Day" this day was started from Vanna from here book "Flight"

                                           World Party Day (P-Day)
 is celebrated on April 3 as a synchronized global mass celebration
of a better world and the creation of desirable reality.

(How It Began)
  dedico a VANNA alcune  foto del primo aprile  2017
                           non abbiamo altre strade che quelle dell' amore

The idea of a coordinated synchronized worldwide party appeared as a work of fiction in the book Flight, A Quantum Fiction Novel, by American writer Vanna Bonta. In the ending of the book, published in 1995, all people in the world celebrated at the same time.

The celebration has no religious or political connections. The theme of World Party Day celebrations is a "universal human right to fun, peace and life." The only requirement is to celebrate and party from any place, whether a formal event or private party, large or small, or alone.

Global podcasts in 2007 featured a variety of music, including the African Children's Choir, Hip Hop artists, and radio stations reading from the novel Flight.
Events have been organized as dance parties, concerts, and meditations, however, the only mandatory observance is a synchronized mass awareness of the human right to enjoy life, and displaying hospitality. Some public celebrations organize multicultural food and music events.
Since 2000, synchronized global events have escalated, such as The Quadrille Dance Parade, at which in 2007, its 7th year, 24,000 people danced at once. In 2006, 23,600 danced simultaneously in a total of 36 cities.
Petitions circulate to world leaders to officially declare the holiday with the objective of complete world participation

every April 3, with everyone in the world having a party
in their own way, where ever they are.

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