15 agosto, 2017


Dorian Kaiber
I was lucky enough to meet Carmelina during a trip to Florence. She is such an amazing and inspiring person, our encounter felt to me like serendipity, like it was meant to be. Her words of peace, her genuine kindness and beautiful heart really touched me and reminded me of the goodness all around us. If you are ever lucky enough to cross path with Carmelina, please stop for second, listen to what she has to share, and you will find yourself reenergized, warm and full of hope for the future. I found that true, genuine kindess and selflessness has become a rarity - our digital world has taken away our ability to physically and spiritually connect with one another - and Carmelina was there to remind me how positive words and a helping hand can make a difference. She is the true ambassador of peace and I hope our paths will cross again some day! Thank you again Carmelina :)

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